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Humble. Hardworking. Always Learning.

New Zealand

New Zealand



Hi, I’m Ben. I currently live and work out of Nashville, TN as a UX/UI designer. I love learning more about my craft and try to improve as a designer every day.


I believe in empathy and simplicity and letting these core values drive my design thinking. I love to learn and have always had an affinity for research and seeking the truth. I am a former aspiring writer and journalist turned designer, and love taking on new tasks and or stories and seeing where they take me.

I currently help my company by redesigning legacy products to give them a modern and contemporary brand and feel, while also improving features and simplifying the experience to make the product accessible to all users on mobile and desktop.

In addition to design, I love sports, fitness, traveling, music, and all things TV. Shows like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Stranger Things, The Office and Better Call Saul inspire me daily.

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